Why AVET Technology

Evidence Recording Specialists

We design and manufacture purpose-built digital, evidential interview and meeting recorders.   It’s what we do – extremely effectively too.

Our latest recorders, designed and manufactured in the UK by our own specialists, use the latest components running our own interview-specific software.  We understand the need to maximise dwindling budgets so, without compromising on our proven high performance and serviceability rates, by using the latest technology in our latest products we:

  1. Have enhanced our product range with lightweight, compact, easy to work fixed and portable recorders;
  2. Provide multiple secure storage options without compromising on download times;
  3. Driven down the purchase price with customer budgets in mind;
  4. Designed a top-rate digital interview solution that packs a great punch; and,
  5. Deliver you units that look great too!

We have been supplying recording units to police and specialist agencies for over 10 years and our solutions, both portable and fixed, have notably been used to record interviews with vulnerable witnesses, children and intimidated witnesses.

Our purpose-built Audio and Audio/Video family of products provide an exceptionally high level of reliability and with a true understanding of the interviewer’s requirements deliver easy to use, effective and very flexible recording systems.

In essence, our considerable experience and know-how in this specialist sector has driven the modern design of our new range of portable and fixed interview recorders.  They are quick to set-up and easy to use, do the job and won’t break the budget.

Deployed Internationally

Not only does AVET provide evidential technology recording equipment into the UK police forces and agencies, we have deployed systems internationally including Australia, Gibraltar, Cyprus, South Africa, the Caribbean (Turks and Caicos and Jamaica) and Latin America. We fully support our international distributers and resellers enabling them to react quickly and effectively to their customer community.

Not only are our recorders in use overseas, they are used in some of the most remote parts of the world.  Our recorders operate in hot and cold climates and operate seamlessly off local power supplies, internal and external battery sources.

Solar chargers are available to power the units in remote areas where power may be intermittent or non-existent delivering a truly global, go-anywhere effective evidential recording solution.

We are always looking for new distributers and we would welcome a call to discuss distribution options in your local area.

Exceeds International Evidence Standards

Our experience in the specialist field of digital interview and recording goes far beyond delivering solutions to meet just UK-based police, agencies and other customers.  Our international reach ensures we take note of local requirements when needed.

That said, underpinning our delivered solution is a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements and procedures as used in UK which we use as the basis for designing and delivering our solutions We understand fully the requirements of the:

  1. British Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE);
  2. The British Ministry of Justice’s guidance on Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings (ABE) and interviewing victims, witnesses; and,
  3. Use of special measures to facilitate the gathering and giving of evidence by vulnerable and intimidated witnesses.

Our years of experience manufacturing recorders ensures we fully understand the need for effective recorders that meet or exceed the needs of the customer.  Although we are confident in the integrity and compliance of our recorders, because we design and own the IPR of all our technical products we can introduce additional solutions that would meet legal requirements, guidance and codes of practice required from our international customers.

Proven Reliability

AVET Technology recorders have been deployed operationally for over 10 years by a variety of police forces and agencies in UK and internationally. In that time, failures have been minimal and our AVET products have earned a solid reputation as reliable and effective recording solutions.

Portable and Fixed Solutions

Portable or fixed digital interview recorder needed?  No problem – AVET Technologies has the solution.

Our family of audio and audio/video recorders offers a variety of options to meet customers’ needs including fixed and portable solutions that pack the same punch.

Our products are lightweight, are extremely easy and quick to set-up and get going.  They are small too, being designed to be carried on board aircraft as cabin baggage.

Products The Portable Evidential Recorder (Professional) [PER (Pro)],

Each unit comes with a standard complement of accessories including GPS connectivity to enable accurate timing for the recordings. Our in-house designed camera is small and unobtrusive.

Let our Customers Have the Last Word:

“Great piece of kit. We use it for in-the-field interviews. Evidentially great both for victim and offender interviews. Highly portable, carry on aircraft size.

Credibility is second to none and when we use this in-the-field we are envied.”


National Crime Agency (UK) Testimonial

“The AVET digital interview recorder systems delivered what is promised and are invaluable in that these products deliver completely and consistently every time.”

H L (South African Revenue Service)

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