AER Audio Evidential Interview & Meeting Recorder – Fixed

Designed initially for use by Law Enforcement Organizations, the new AER portable and fixed audio evidential recorders enable the conduct of evidential interviews with victims, witnesses and suspects. The units fully conform with PACE standards and offer an innovative flexible technology solution in a cost effective package.

Available in a portable or fixed configuration the AER meets the requirements of modern interviewers. With a 140 mm square footprint, weighing <1.3kg, and with three internal drives the AER packs a lot into a small unit making it exceptionally easy to transport. Each AER has three recording modes creating evidential CD or DVD audio only discs and are capable of recording onto a network. Additionally, the AER has various features designed to safeguard the interview process, maintain evidential integrity and be easy to use and transport.

Key Features

  • Small footprint, robust and lightweight
  • CD, DVD and Network compatible
  • PACE and Digital Evidence standards compliant
  • Dual microphone inputs
  • Evidential integrity protected
  • Internal batteries
  • GPS for time date and location

Designed for use by:

  • Police
  • HR Professionals & Senior Managers
  • Legal Professionals
  • Private Sector Investigators
  • Government Bodies
  • Human Rights Agencies
  • Health and Safety Investigators

Product Details

Physical size: W 140mm H 100mm D 140mm

Finish: Aluminium extrusion with plastic top and base covers

Weight: < 1.3kg (1.5kg with accessories)

Display: OLED

Compatibility: CD, DVD and Network Compatible

Compliance: PACE, Home Office Digital Witness Statement

Supplied with unit (AER – fixed)

Mains PSU

GPS antenna

Boundary layer omni directional microphone

Table fixing kit

User guide

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