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AVET Technology Ltd benefits from close business relationships with experienced and capable organisations that use our equipment in part to deliver a more rounded technical solution to their customers. Secure video recording is a growing area of technology with more organisations that ever looking to partner with specialist providers, like AVET, to deliver a stable, effective and robust solution where a .  As a result, AVET is very proud to partner with:


With its head office located in Chester, UK, and through its unique Case Management process, called Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®), Intersol Global (IG) use our products as exemplars of digital recorder technology. By definition, “case” is:

“any business requirement, issue, project, transaction, or service; a ‘problem’ that is opened and closed, initiated and resolved over a period of time having achieved satisfactory outcome or resolution for the business”.

Case progression will likely involve a series of processes, simple to complex, some common to all, and involve multiple persons inside and outside an organisation with varying relationships to each other, as well as documents, messages, and digital data.

Case management embraces principles of ‘investigation’, a systematic and detailed examination to discover detail, checkable facts, and information that fully and accurately informs the business decision-makers so that those business outcomes are as satisfactory as possible.  Satisfactory case management frequently involves the transformation of intelligence into actionable information or even evidence on occasion.

To learn more about Intersol Global visit there website at: https://www.intersolglobal.com

If you would like to be considered as a partner with AVET then please contact us directly to discuss options.

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