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It is late and you have been with your client or a witness for some time.  You have recorded your meeting and you think that what they had to say could help you win your case in court.  To make that happen, what they say in the formal confines of a courtroom needs to be evidentially robust.  Perhaps you have recorded the meeting on a hand-held recorder, perhaps on your mobile phone.  You just need to get the meeting transcribed and/or formally made available for use in court. Your notes are good but you know that you may well have missed some key points, which is why you wanted to record the meeting. And then, your recording device fails, is lost or the recording get deleted.

The best solution to ensure this doesn’t happen is an AVET portable, digital evidence recorder that is robust, easy to carry and set up and one that can copy an interview to CD or DVD very quickly and simply immediately following an interview.  And once recorded the interview is locked and tamperproof.

AVET Technology Ltd is proud of its innovative family of recorders that are designed with legal and law enforcement professionals in mind and that are fully compliant with PACE, ABE and the Home Office Digital Witness Statement – Evidential Authenticity Standards Ver 2.1.

We manufacture bespoke audio and video, fixed or portable digital recording devices that would ease the workload in preparing for cases and subsequent delivery in court – without breaking the budget too.

Our latest Audio evidential recorder comes equipped with a mains power supply unit, a GPS antenna for time, date and location (if desired), an omni-directional microphone, a soft case and a user guide.  With a 140 mm square footprint and with three internal drives the AER packs a lot into a small unit and it is exceptionally easy to carry around. Finally, its intuitive screen enables easy control of the recorder.  Alternatively, if you prefer a video recording of the interview our Portable Evidential Recorder (Pro), which is slightly bigger, could be used to video-record the interview to the same level of integrity and standards.

If you are concerned about there being an adequate power supply then we have battery packs that will power the units too.

Although our products are capable of recording onto networks they all have 3 internal CD/DVD drives so you can record up to 3 discs simultaneously enabling easy sharing of the interview within a legal team.  Our units are intuitive to use, lightweight and robust, the AER utilises a SHA256 hash to ensure interview integrity and conforms to Home Office Digital Witness Statement – Evidential Authenticity Standards.

In view of the importance of your work, each interview can record up to 3 read-only discs, in accordance with best practice, and utilizes an internal fail-safe system in case of a disc failure.

Our integrated fail-safe software includes an audio signal check, CD and DVD compliance prior to the interview starting and interview recovery to the internal storage device in the event of disk failure.  In the event of a mains power supply failure an internal battery enables the interview to be finalised and stored to disc.  These back-up techniques ensure that your valuable time is not wasted and that you have quality recordings (audio and/or video) to refer to subsequently.

We offer a new and modern approach to digital interview recording which sets us apart from our competitors.  But we don’t stop there – we are constantly looking at innovative and new solutions so that we keep pace with technological changes to make your life easier. Do contact us for a chat and see how we might be able to help you get a great digital interview solution or replace your existing units with a state-of-the-art, DVD/CD and/or network enabled solutions.

Why AVET Technology

We are specialist manufacturers of modern, capable and purpose-built digital evidential recorders - it’s what we do and what we are good at. Our products are designed by our in-house team of technical experts to be used across a wide spectrum of the interview market and we pride ourselves in delivering products that are very easy to set up and operate. Using modern components throughout our build we manufacture robust, state-of-the-art evidential recorders that are powerful, small and lightweight with a sleek modern look and are exceptionally good value for money.

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Our products are Made in Britain, conform to British standards and good practice for interview recording:

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) 67(7B): Code E (Revised Code of Practice on Audio Recording Interviews with Suspects); and, Code F (Visual recording interviews with suspects).

The Ministry of Justice’s Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings – Guidance on Interviewing Victims and Witnesses, and Guidance on using Special Measures, 3rd Edition dated March 2011.

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