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Evidence gathering in a military environment often needs to be completed quickly and in adverse conditions whilst maintaining high evidential standards.  Memory does tend to fade particularly in stressful situations and the sooner a formal audio or video recording is taken the more accurate will be the evidence if presented in court.

For historic cases where considerable time has elapsed since events, the sooner statements are recorded the better. While speed can be of the essence, as well as accuracy and immediacy with witnesses recounting what was seen, note-taking can be prone to errors.  The way to record accurately is through audio or video recording; the only truly effective and accurate form of note taking.

Whether seeking to ensure the integrity of evidence gathered or interviewing a suspect, witness or victim the AVET family of portable and fixed recording solutions will meet your needs – and more.

Why AVET Technology

We are specialist manufacturers of modern, capable and purpose-built digital evidential recorders - it’s what we do and what we are good at. Our products are designed by our in-house team of technical experts to be used across a wide spectrum of the interview market and we pride ourselves in delivering products that are very easy to set up and operate. Using modern components throughout our build we manufacture robust, state-of-the-art evidential recorders that are powerful, small and lightweight with a sleek modern look and are exceptionally good value for money.

  • Evidence Recording Specialists
  • Deployed Internationally
  • Exceeds Evidence Standards
  • Proven
  • Portable and Fixed Solutions

Our products are Made in Britain, conform to British standards and good practice for interview recording:

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) 67(7B): Code E (Revised Code of Practice on Audio Recording Interviews with Suspects); and, Code F (Visual recording interviews with suspects).

The Ministry of Justice’s Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings – Guidance on Interviewing Victims and Witnesses, and Guidance on using Special Measures, 3rd Edition dated March 2011.

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