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AVET Interview Recording Solutions

The AVET Technology range of digital interview recording products has been designed to meet the most demanding evidence recording requirements of Criminal Justice Systems around the world and now you can use the same technology to protect your business by recording interviews and meetings relating to, Loss Prevention, Human Resources, AGM’s, Tribunals and Occupational Health events.

How these interviews are planned and conducted is also critical so we also provide training to ensure that your record of events protects your business and meets evidence standards.

The portable PER Pro and static SER digital interview recorders are fully compliant with evidential standards;  the AVET range has been designed and built specifically to provide affordable, rugged and reliable systems that can work as standalone units or be integrated into a network environment.

Configurable to meet the specific requirements of public and private sectors organizations internationally, the AVET range represents the very best secure digital evidence recording and transcription equipment available today.